Death Of A Diva

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Danny Bird is having a very bad day. In the space of a few hours he just lost his job, his boyfriend and his home.

Ever the optimist, Danny throws himself headlong into his dream to turn the grimmest pub in London into the most fabulous nightspot south of the river. Sadly, everything doesn’t go quite as planned when his star turn is found strangled hours before opening night.

Danny becomes the prime suspect in the crime, and then the gangster who really owns the pub starts asking where his share of the takings has gone… it seems things are going to get worse for Danny before they get better.

Get ready for a whole new kind of crime novel.

“The Thin Man meets Will & Grace via AbFab.”

“Deliciously rude and hilariously funny.”

“A classic whodunit brought bang up to date.”

“I wish Danny Bird was my bff…”

“The characters in this book are brilliantly written, Danny is a great character.”

“This new up and coming author is one to look out for.”

“Poirot meets Priscilla, South of the Thames.”

“Reminded me very much of Simon Brett’s Charles Parris mysteries.”

“Let’s hope Bird will return in a similar style soon.”

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