“Quite Good” – Eric Idle

“Death in Paradise meets Agatha Christie in London”

“Think Agatha Christie, Noel Coward and David Sedaris meet for high tea.”  – Jo Perry, author of the Charlie & Rose books

“Agatha Twisty…”–Miranda Dickinson, Sunday Times Best-Selling Author

“Up there with Bateman, Brookmyre and Block.” – Simon Bewick

“The books are witty, clever and they have such great heart.”– Barbara Nadel, author of the Cetin Ikmen mysteries

“Like M.C. Beaton on MDMA”


“A master of character, humour and heart.” – Neil Broadfoot, author of The Connor Fraser thrillers

“Like Will & Grace meets Gimme Gimme Gimme via AbFab. With murders.”

My Books

Death of a Sinner - Pride 21 Edition

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