I watched Strike a Pose – which is available on Netflix now – twice this week, and cried both times.

I found it both heartbreaking AND inspiring, the sadness coming from the idea of people not quite reaching their potential, from the death, and the blight and fear and stigma that HIV placed on my whole generation (Salim is 6 months older than me).
But then, on the other side: They LIVED! They had that moment. And most of them have lives of quiet normalcy, but with Love and Satisfaction and struggles.
There’s a lot to be said for reality and a normal life.
I forget it sometimes – I think we all do, in this world that’s obsessed with progression and with chasing goals and dreams.
Sometimes the dream is right under your nose – a boyfriend or a husband you can sit with, watch the TV with. A job that pays the bills and allows you time to do the things that make you happy.
All that glamour – like all that glisters – is not, necessarily, Gold.
I suspect Madonna – for all her money – knows that.
I just hope the boys who made it through know it too.

Highly recommended

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